Contour Action Camcorder - Black

Contour  Action Camcorder - Black

Capture the action in stunning Full HD with the Contour +2 Action Camcorder . Action-proof If you're filming action shots the chances are your camera will be exposed to extreme conditions, which is why the Contour +2 comes with a waterproof case, allowing you to take it to depths of 60 metres for up to 30 minutes in the included housing. This case also allows it to be shockproof, freezeproof to ­15°C and resistant to dust, letting you take the Contour +2 to the extreme. GPS Uniquely, the Contour +2 Camcorder features a GPS receiver for adding interesting data to your videos - overlay footage with details of speed, elevation and distance and make your videos stand out on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks. Thanks to Bluetooth connectively you'll be able to use your smart device as a screen, allowing you to preview your shot before and during recording, as a remote control and to tweak camera settings. Easy to use The Contour +2 Action Cam features a simple sliding Instant On-Record switch which locks into position, meaning no fiddling around with a power button and letting you shot when you're ready. An external microphone jack lets you plug in a mic for clear, crisp audio. Mic gain can be easily adjusted in the settings menu using the mobile app or Storyteller. Simple mounting With a slim, clean and elegantly designed form factor, the Contour +2 Cam is easy to mount thanks to its side-rail mounting system - use the included mounts to get started. Mounting the Contour +2 at an angle isn't a problem as the 270° rotating lens ensures your footage will be the right way up. Shoot extreme action with the Contour +2 Action Camcorder .